It is not simply being a monk and devoting your life to spiritual work within a demanding framework: Abstinence from sex, giving up private property and obedience to the laws of the monastery are the basic rules of the Christian Monasticism. This opens the way to an intimate meeting with God and yourself. The desert is a particularly suitable space for such an experience. During the Byzantine period (4-6 centuries) Monasticism flourished throughout the Judean desert. The Road between the holy city, Jerusalem, and the desert city, Jericho, was paved with dozens of monasteries.

In Our trip we will meet the different types of desert Monasticism waves which developed uniquely in Israel. We will Visit some ancient monasteries with some activists; discuss the essence of Monasticism as a spiritual path in various religions, especially Christianity. We will learn of the well-known monks of the desert such as Haritun, Martyrius and Abtimios. We will try to experience monkhood ourselves in our busy modern life. Even if we do not choose total celibacy for life, the quality and substance of monkhood could assist us at various points in our lives. The desert landscape, sand and springs will make our separation from civilization an opportunity to more easily absorb the monastic quality and charm and take some of it with us into our own lives

Where will we visit?

The Mount Scopus Observation point

Wadi Kelt – Haritun

Abtimius Monastery

St. George’s Observation point

Dir Hag’la – seclusion caves

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