Hebron is the city of patriarchs. Three fathers and three mothers (except Rachel) were buried in a cave in which Abraham purchased Efron the Hittite. On and around the ancient cave a huge structure was built two thousand years ago and over the generations were added more layers and elements.

Abraham is the father not only of the Israel nation but also the father of Islam .acording muslim faith, Abraham is the first to declare oneness of God , Allah. Muhammad’s mission is only to re pure gospel of Abraham and inform the world . Today’s political reality makes it very difficult to see the commonalities between Islam and Judaism. A trip to the Cave of the Patriarchs, to ancient and new Hebron must be in a balanced perspective and finding common to both religions.

We will visit the holy places, we will dill whis historical and spiritual aspects. relate, of course, Hebron in modern times to the present. also hear the world view of those sitting there and hope we will see the good and positive in all sides.

Where we visit?

Aloni Mamre

Cave of the Patriarchs

Tel Rumeida

tomb of Yishay father of David 

Meeting with local people

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