Changes and variability are basic processes in both nature and man. This trip will focus on spiritual changes following spiritual traditions. The New Testament tells us that Jesus came with his disciples to a mountain and suddenly changed in front of their eyes When the Holy Spirit fell upon him. This was a turning point in his life: a man became a God. A real metamorphosis. Byzantine traditions identify the location of this event at the beautiful peak of Mount Tabor in the Lower Galilee. This event is celebrated every year on August 6th.


Aside from Jesus, there were others from earlier eras who went through important changes on Mount Tabor ;in the Bible times, King Saul raised the ghost of Samuel up from the dead. Additionally, Deborah and Barak fought a war against Sisera and his army there .In modern times, Pioneers set up Kfar Tavor to transform national and human life.

In our transformation journey we will walk on Mount Tavor’s peak, see the plants changing colors, find the ancient place where Saul saw Samuel rise from the dead. We will visit the area where the battle between Sisera and Deborah took place and understand what important changes took place there. We will visit the pioneering settlement of Kfar Tavor and tell their tale of human and national transformation. And finally, climb the sacred mountain, Mount Tabor, to experience the transformation of Jesus before our eyes. Throughout the tour, we will also examine ourselves , examine how to change and transform our own lives.

Where will we visit?

Tel Ein Dor

Kfar Tavor

the Mount Tabor Track

the Church of Transformaion

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