Mary / Maria; wife and mother, a virgin who was impregnated by the Holy Spirit and from her womb brought to the world a new religion: the Son of God announcing salvation to the world.

In the Center of the Christian Faith is the life and death of Jesus who appeared as the Messiah. In The New Testament we can find the story of his life and crucifixion in detail. However, there is no elaboration about the woman and mother who gave birth to the messiah. Mary’s Veneration and her coronation as “Mother of God “only came later when Christianity became institutionalized and a formal religious empire. That’s when the picture was completed and writings told her story. Mary is the perfect female archetype of Christianity and we will attempt to follow in her footsteps.


In our trip we will wander between a variety of churches and sites from diverse periods and we will go deep into the human- divine figure of Mary’s character according to the various Christian currents. We will see her birthplace and tell the story of her childhood. Will continue to learn of her character and qualities and even try to trace her physical form. Examine her relationship with Jesus, her son and how she coped with his crucifixion. We will visit the location of her eternal slumber and her rise to the heavens. We will examine her at a spiritual and psychological level and taste some of the personal inner experience through music and meditation. We will spike the content with comparisons with Judaism and other religions


Where will we visit?

Mary’s Tomb

Santa Ana

Parts of the Via Dolorosa

The Syrian Church

David’s Tomb

The Dormition Church



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