Get a Personal Message from the Holy Land

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Look at Israel and find Yourself!

Israel always had an important role in shaping human culture and the history of the world. Now it’s your time to discover the power of the Holy Land in your personal life ,even if you live far away, through an online way.

You can be exposed to a special map of Israel with dozens of places and symbols related to your life and personality.

One of the symbols will be your first step in your way to the Israel in You! 

The Land of the Bible is calling you!

?Who am I

Shalom and Hello from Israel!
My name is Ofer Hartov and I am a licensed tour guide in Israel for more then 10 years already. 

For me Israel is not only a spiritual, holy and beautiful place on earth. Israel is like a microcosm of the world and also of the human personality. Through the map of Israel you will discover surprising things about your personality and you will have a fun experience that combines knowledge of Israel and a deeper awareness with yourself! 

So just give it a try and start your journey!

It's time for a personal message from the