Islam conquers the land of Israel by storm in 640 AD. Religion Prophet Muhammad of Arabia to very fast find its place in Jerusalem, which becomes the third holiest place after Mecca and Medina. Caliphs, religious leaders, mystics and poets Muslim holy city gave a fascinating character and rich Muslim.

On our walk we will meet in the Muslim culture and wealth of stories was formulated in ancient Jerusalem. Seek for a place to rise to heaven of Muhammad on the winged horse Alborak, called his book ‘In Praise of Jerusalem, which was composed during the Mamluk period, we will encounter the remains of palaces of the Umayyad dynasty and stroll on the Temple Mount Muslim emphasis – centers on the ancient building – the golden Dome of the Rock. Continue to the streets and impressed the Muslim Quarter Muslim architecture and buildings in a symbolic final sermons are lived and taught in Muslim mystics who taught the love of God.

We will touch on the issue of the sanctity of Jerusalem in Islam through the ages, we recognize role models of Islam, called the Koran and the hadith and go with an enriching cultural experience.

Where to visit?

Temple Mount

Southern Wall Excavations

Muslim Quarter – Market and more.

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