Tחרדים להדפסה שוטרסטוקhe title “ultraorthodox” is a collective definition for the most religious Jewish groups in Israel. For some :It is used in a negative context (because they do not serve in the army, do not pay taxes, their approach to the state ..) and for others it is a flattering title (because of the education, the good values). What is clear is that behind this stereotypical definition stand people, like me and you.

Only a few steps away from the crowded secular life there is a fascinating world and a different culture but, like any society, it is a human world that deals with the same challenges. During this trip, we will go deeper and try to better understand what it means to be an ultraorthodox person? How does a Haredi man view the world around him? What kinds of groups are there? How do we identify them? What are the differences among them and why were they created? We will Talk about the historical context, recognize important institutions, customs and colors and meet some figures with smiling faces and colors that shine through the black clothing…

There are two completely separate tours of 3 hours each:

  1. Bnei Brak Tour

    Bnei Brak began as a religious- Agricultural colony. Today it is the capital of the UltraOrthodox current in Central Israel. Bnei Brak is the Fortress of Lithuanian Torah and there an ultra-Orthodox culture developed which combines different shades of openness and modernity. We will discuss the city’s history from its establishment to the present. Get Acquainted with the fascinating stories that create it, hear about the Chazon-Ish and his meeting with Ben Gurion, see the Eilit Ponevezh Yeshiva, tour around the bustling Rabbi Akiva Street, meet ultra-Orthodox men and women ,talk about unique synagogues, Gmachim and much much more.

  2. Jerusalem neighborhood of Mea Shearim Tour

    Mea Shearim is known for its hardcore opposition to Zionism, for its religious fanatics, for its extremism and for its zealous guarding of the walls. We will try to peer through the walls, theirs and ours, gently and sensitively. We will learn the story of the neighborhood which was originally advertised as a luxurious neighborhood outside the walls of the Old City and is now one of the poorest neighborhoods. We will get acquainted with its development as a devout and colorful Orthodox compound. Meet Chassidic courtyards and special outfits. Cruise the alleys and soak in the otherworldly atmosphere…

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